All Breed Obedience Training



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Consisting of:

•Heel on Leash
•Whistle Conditioning (if desired)
•Intro to Water
•Off (no jumping up on people)


Our All Breed Obedience Training Program is based on building and shaping desirable behaviors and then rewarding with praise and treat rewards. Dogs in our program are put through repetitive regimens of behavior conditioning with lots of praise . . . like us, they learn through repetition and enjoy praise.

Obedience is the most desirable trait in any dog. The obedient well mannered dog is a pleasure to be around, whether it is in a duck blind, travelling in a car, away at a motel, or just in your home. Obedience is the fundamental primary ingredient to all future higher level work in the field, duck blind, obedience class, hunt test or show ring..


Duration - 4 to 6 weeks. Age of Dog; 4 to 6 months or older